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Full-time Employment

Applicants are required to have either a BA or a higher degree in a related field (ELT, English Philology, American Culture & Lit., English Lang. & Lit., English Linguistics, English Translation and Interpretation Studies, etc), or a BA or a higher degree in another field and an internationally recognized certificate such as CELTA.

To apply,

  1. download and fill out the application form. Remember to add a recent photo in JPEG format,
  2. send the application form along with your CV, a letter of intent, and three reference letters to

Applications are recorded for one year.

Applications are reviewed by the recruitment committee.

Shortlisted applicants are invited to a preliminary interview (face-to-face or over Skype).

Applicants who have been voted by the recruitment committee as eligible candidates are contacted through e-mail.

The references of the candidates are contacted by the SFL Director and/or the Assistant Director.

The candidates are invited to sit the BU Proficiency Test for Instructors.

Those who pass the written test are called in for an oral assessment session where they also perform a class demonstration (micro-teaching).

The candidates are contacted through e-mail and informed about the result.

The next steps of the recruitment process are taken by the University administration and by the Higher Education Council (YÖK) and it takes a few months for the University to receive an approval from YÖK to be able to appoint the candidate to his/her new position. The University has no control over this step but has to wait for the YÖK approval to offer the candidate a contract. When the University receives the approval, the candidate is contacted by SFL and referred to the Personnel Department to sign his/her contract with Boğaziçi University.

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