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Full-time Employment

Full-time appointment of Turkish nationals is regulated by the Higher Education Council. Detailed guidelines are here.

Full-time jobs are advertised and requirements are listed here on a Higher Education Council webpage.

The names of the applicants who meet the criteria are posted on BU SFL website, and the candidates are invited to an oral assessment session on the specified date. The candidates are shortlisted for the oral assessment according to their score of YDS 60%  + ALES 40% . The candidates are also asked to perform a class demonstration (micro-teaching) during the oral assessment. A minimum  oral assessment score of 60 is required to be shortlisted.

Shortlisted candidates are evaluated according to their undergraduate GPA and their test results:

ALES 30% + YDS 30% + undergraduate GPA 10 % + Oral Assessment 30% = 100

The candidates are contacted through e-mail and informed about the result.


Part-time Employment

Applicants are required to have either a BA or a higher degree in a related field (ELT, English Philology, American Culture & Lit., English Lang. & Lit., English Linguistics, English Translation and Interpretation Studies, etc), or a BA or a higher degree in another field and an internationally recognized certificate such as CELTA.

To apply,

  1. download and fill out the application form. Remember to add a recent photo in JPEG format,
  2. send the application form along with your CV, a letter of intent, and two reference letters to

Applications are kept on file for one year.

Applications are reviewed by the recruitment committee.

Shortlisted applicants are invited to a preliminary interview (face-to-face or over Skype).

Applicants who have been voted by the recruitment committee as eligible candidates are contacted through e-mail.

The references of the candidates are contacted by the SFL Director and/or the Assistant Director.

The candidates are invited to sit the BU Proficiency Test for Instructors.

Those who pass the written test are called in for an oral assessment session where they also perform a class demonstration (micro-teaching).

The candidates are contacted through e-mail and informed about the result.

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