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JANUARY 9, 2019 BUEPT and TWE:

January 2019 BUEPT List

Please be reminded that the exam lists are presented in an Excel file and consist of seven excel sheets. Each sheet is named according to the components of the BUEPT that students will be taking, so please check for your name accordingly.

Examinees having the same first and last names should carefully check both their ID Numbers and their examination Seat Numbers to avoid confusion.

  • Examinees registered for the whole BÜYES/BUEPT (LRW) will be taking the examination at the Sarıtepe Campus (Sarıtepe YADYOK- SY) and North Campus (New Hall Building-NH and YADYOK I Building – Y I).
  • Examinees registered for the LR, LW, L, RW and R components will be taking the examination at the North Campus (the Faculty of Education - EF).
  • Examinees only registered for the TWE will be taking the examination at the North Campus (Kuzey Park - KP).

Below please find the explanations for the abbreviations used on the exam lists for exam locations. Please note that it is very important that examinees be at their exam locations at the times specified below with two official photo IDs at the ready.

Exam lists will be posted at the entrance of each building where the exams will be given. When you enter the exam hall, please carefully check your seat number and accordingly line up to have your IDs checked by an exam official.

For example, the following examinee’s Seat Number is 1 and he will be taking the exam in the Sarıtepe YADYOK (SY) in Room A317 





SY A317

Sarıtepe Campus – Sarıtepe YADYOK (SY)
Exam Time: 10.00 (ID Check: 09.00)

North Campus – New Hall Building (NH)             
Exam Time: 10.00 (ID Check: 09.00)

YADYOK I Building – (Y I)
Room 201: Exam Time: 10.00 (ID Check: 09.30)
Room 202: Exam Time: 09.30 (ID Check: 09.00)

BÜYES/BUEPT  (LR, LW, L, RW and R)         
North Campus – The Faculty of Education (EF)
Exam Time: 11.15 (ID Check: 10.30)

North Campus – Kuzey Park (KP)
Exam Time: 13.10  (ID Check: 12.30)

January 2019 BUEPT List

YADYOK proficiency example