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May 2017 BUEPT Results

The results of the BÜYES/BUEPT and TWE exams are listed as:

Page 1: PASS
Page 2: FAIL
Page 4: ABSENT

On the ‘PASS’ and ‘FAIL’ lists, the examinees who have successfully passed the test and the ones who have failed it are listed, respectively.  An “S” on ‘FAIL’ and ‘WRITING’ lists stands for ‘SATISFACTORY’, meaning that the examinee has passed that particular component.  The examinees who did not attend the entire test or a particular component of the test that they are required to take are marked ‘ABS’, which stands for ‘ABSENT’.  Failure in a particular component is indicated with scores ranging from ‘F1’ to ‘F4’ where F1 represents the highest Fail score, while F4 the lowest one.

The names of those YADYOK remedial students who passed the Listening and the Reading parts of the exam before and took only the TWE appear on the PASS or FAIL lists. 

The names of the examinees who already have the required overall TOEFL® IBT/PBT  or IELTS (Academic) scores and, therefore, took only the TWE appear on the WRITING list.

Examinees who believe that a technical mistake has been made in the reporting of their exam scores have the right to object to them. Please note that the exam papers of those examinees are reassessed according to the same criteria and hence subject to the same assessment process.

The examinees wishing to object to the results of BÜYES/BUEPT and TWE exams are required to do so on Thursday, June 8, 2017 by filling out an objection form at the North Campus New YADYOK Building (6th Floor, Secretary’s Office) and submitting it to the YADYOK Administration by 16:00 on the same day at the latest.

Please note that the examinees are not notified about the change of their exam scores by phone or email.  Instead, the names of those examinees whose scores have changed following their objection are posted on the notice board in front of the North Campus New YADYOK Building and on YADYOK’s website under the section of Announcements by   5 p.m., Friday, June 9, 2017

May 2017 BUEPT Results


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